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Macquarie Park preschool: Paving your child’s way to kindergarten

If your child is about to begin pre school, it is going to mark an important phase in their life. However, there are times when a parent may question whether their child is ready for preschool. Even if they have been enrolled at a day care, it is important that your preschooler is well prepared for their next journey ahead. They will not only make new friends but are also going to learn skills and confidence and become more independent.

However, most parents are worried about sending the child of to preschool. Rest assured that it is a universal problem of all parents. At the Macquarie park preschool your child will be provided with a curriculum which would help develop a well rounded personality.


Why should you send your child to the Macquarie park preschool

There are many reasons why you want to send your child to preschool. The first one being that it will enable them to become more Independent and the help them develop a better personality. Children who attend pre school always do better at kindergarten. This is because they have got first had knowledge of all the basic reading and writing skills and these are the kind of skills which you might not be able to teach them at home the way a trained teacher will be able to do.


Preparing your child for the Macquarie Park Preschool

It is better that you visit the preschool you want to send your child and also take a look at the classroom. Few days before they are starting the session you have got to meet the teacher who will also show you the class schedules. Get to know what is expected from the child and the parents as well.

You can even have a pretend day at home to prepare your child for preschool. You can pretend that you are the one who is going to school and hanging your bag and sitting down. You can start by playing games or reading stories and also making a simple snack so you are child knows what is in store for them.

You van even get your child to work on their self help skills. Since going to preschool is going to be a major development for them, it is important that they master skills like washing hands, using the toilet and putting their shoes and socks on. It should be kept in mind that beginning pre school is a exciting time for both the parents as well as the children. Talk about these feelings and listen to them closely. You yourself  must acknowledge those feelings and at the same time also acknowledge your own feelings of anxiety. As you prepare yourself with the child, you will notice a change in their behavior and they will feel that they are now more confident and well prepared to attend preschool.

Attending a pre school is a major shift in your child’s life, so make sure you are out there to help and guide them through out the process. Plus you will also have guidance from the experienced teachers at 360 Early Education.

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